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Take her down and tie her to the foot of my bed!The blonde slave has yet to learn obedience. whip her ass and back!We offer you sixty gold coins for this slave and we promise nobody will hear again of her!Let's start again! think you are belly dancing on top of your master's cock!
Confiscated twins owned!I'm going to tech you your place among us, foreign woman!Yes, yes! i'll confess, i'am a witch! i'll say anything you want, only please don't burn me anymore!This spiked dildo will scour her pussy clean...and stop screamin witch!
A white girl captured the day before is being whipped for all to enjoy at the whipping post!The three blonde sisters were bought by the same depraved master, the sultan of alablabadad!I like the whip marks on your white flesh, and i love the way you squirm on your toes under the lash!White slaves at the oriental east get spanked hard!
Mubunga tired of his rebellious slave, after a month af constant sadistic torture.Let's try again! open your ass cheeks and show me your asshole relaxing and tensing...Redhead girl humiliated by cruel torturer!I've got thirteen sons and seven brothers-in-law that are delighted to use a foreign woman!
Yeah.. sing like this little bird.. the worst is to come!Emir's favourite -infact a white slave- was crucified at the main gate!The mistrees prefers her slaves muted and docile before being presented to her benefactors!The men laugh, while the naked beauty struggles in her bonds!
Naked woman executed on snowNew white slaves serve their master for the first time...Now to give that lot something to squabble over, princess. both nipples...and the your clit. where should i begin?Depraved ministers of the house tied up and suspended from a rope and a naked blonde spank her.
This is a new girl you asked for master, she is also from the west and hasen't been touched by other man!We'll keep that proud white face pressed tight against our wooly pussies day and night!Put your back into it! lash and make her scream, unless you want to take her place!Very nice to show me your pussy, girl! it moves me greatly to run the hook over your skin!
Give this slave another hundred lashes! make sure that they all land on her pussy!Bring that young slave over here now! it seems she needs a big cock!Slave traders at first fuck their slaves and then sell!Noooooo! please! don't please let me go please! nooooo!
Yeahkick and struggle all you want, slave! it's more fun that way!Girl roped as a horses and forced to carry a chariot!Innocent girl stuck in a box with spikesGirl and a sales clerk
WorldadultpagesThe tormentor grabbed her left nipple with his big hands and placed it between the toothy jaws of the pillers!Innocent girl tortured and fucked!You're more friendly now, huh? c'mon slave, fuck me back!
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How's the slave's ass doing? is it strtched enough? i can't wait to bugger her!When i'm done with your ass, even the devil's minions won't seek refuge there!It was expensive, we split the cost and there are lots  o us.You'll stay with those other european sluts waiting for their babies' birth!
Master please, we weren't plotting just a little girl-chat.An investigator with the prisoners are humiliated and fucked redhead witnessCome here slave andearn your keep...Worldadultpages
I laways wanted a slave you know, someone i could do what i wanted withA bdsm role-play game, eh?will i be tied-up, chained, leashed used in all my holes...Blonde with big tits gets execution on snow from couple of cruel soldiersIt seems you are not enjoying your master's cock! it's a mistake for slave girl!
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Ponygirl inferno, hell's island, wild seas
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